Thursday, October 13, 2011

Perfect Fall Lunch

Growing up in new england in the fall meant apples, apples and more apples. One thing that goes well with apples is sharp Vermont cheddar cheese. I could eat it on sliced up apples as a snack or you find it on a lot of sandwiches. Today I tried to replicate one of my favorite fall sandwiches. It doesn't even require a lot of ingredients. You need a crunchy granny smith or your favorite type of apple, slices of sharp cheddar cheese, roasted turkey and hearty, nutty bread. All my store had was multi-grain Italian but any type will do. 

Thinly slice the apple for the sandwich. You can have the remainder on the side or as a snack later.
Layer the turkey then apples with cheese on top. For extra flavor add apple butter if you have or any other vegetables you like. 
Put the top slice of bread on and put in the toaster or panini press if you have one to brown up the outside and melt the cheese. The apple will be slightly warm but still provide a nice crunch. While the weather may not feel like fall here in Florida, this sandwich reminds me of fall at home.

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