About Me

I recently moved to Florida to be with my husband. After years of having a small apartment kitchen, we finally have a "real" kitchen and I have been able to start back up my love for baking, cooking and all things food related. I must admit that I watch too many shows on the Food Network and read a ton of food magazines, there is an ever growing stack of recipes I pull out and have the best intentions of trying one of these days! I recently became interested in food blogs and trying out recipes from them, in addition to what I found on tv or in magazines. It has been great having my husband to help me eat everything! My in-laws and book club also seem to get a lot of the baked goods since I can't keep them all in the house. After reading so many other blogs I decided to start my own to document our lives and the foods we cooked/liked to hopefully help other at home cooks.

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